We Care, Teach, Train is a licensed agency to deliver home care services in the Algarve. Our caring and experienced staff share our passion to support independent living.

We offer a unique service of tailored care visits from a few hours a week to full live-in support.Let us care for you!


Whether you need our help just for few hours, overnight, 24/7 or a holiday, we are determined to care for your loved ones and help them live as independently as possible.

We provide care and assistance for people who need help in their daily living, due to temporary or long-term illness. Our services include:


Choose professional carers and licensed companies

Care costs can be deducted in tax returns and can be partially funded by government grants or insurances. Our carers are experienced professionals that have gone through a strict recruitment procedure to attest their aptitude and competence. Our work is covered by an insurance package. Let us worry about all the paperwork, criminal checks, holiday and sickness cover. so you’ll have time for the things that really matter.

Social Enterprise

Part of work is for the benefit of our community rather than for financial profit. We believe quality care can only be delivered in a socially enterprising way: social impact is our most important bottom line. We ensure we provide services tailored to your needs, we pay our staff fairly and they have access to the best training and, crucially, have the time to deliver a quality service.

So, choosing us means supporting your community. Make a difference in someone else’s life!

WeCare serviços de apoio domiciliário a pessoas dependentes, Portimão Algarve


Our carers are the lifeblood of our service. We Care, Teach, Train's strengths rely on our kind, professional and dedicated carers and their continous training.

Each worker is recruited and trained to deliver an exceptional level of care. We have a team of experienced and caring professionals, ensuring services are provided at the highest standards at all times.


The founders, José and Liliana, developed in London initiatives with the English and Portuguese communities, mainly in the education and social care sector. During those times, both had experienced difficulty accessing the right quality of care for close relatives back home. This made them realize the need for non-medical home care and elder companionship services to help seniors live independently. Since then, they treasured the idea of building up a company that can provide one-to-one quality care so that people can continue to live as independently as possible in the comfort of their own homes. Concerned about the well-being and quality of life of all those of advanced years, they decided to embrace this project to provide care and support for adults and older people in their own homes. “We believe in good old fashioned service. That is why we visit our clients regularly to make sure that they are happy with the service. By doing this, we can ensure we are continually delivering the right service.” Liliana Ferreira, Director.

The technical director, Edite, has over a decade of experience working with elderly communities in assisted living and care homes in Portugal and England. She also developed social projects in Africa with an NGO. Edite brings extensive experience to the role, with responsibility for recruitment, training and supervision. “All staff need to bring a winning combination of the right attitude and experience. We will only deliver the level of care that we would expect for our own relatives.”Edite Reis, Technical Director. Edite Reis, Directora Técnica.

WeCare serviços de apoio domiciliário a pessoas dependentes, Portimão Algarve
  1. In the service that we provide.
  2. Passion At the heart of everything we do.
  3. Always honest, respectful and fair.
  4. Essentials that underpin our practice.
  5. Committed to providing high quality, person centred services, reflecting and responding to the diversity of the clients we serve.


It is sometimes difficult to generalize about what the role of a care worker is. The best way of summing it up is that we might perform the tasks carried out by a close friend or relative but in a trained, professional and knowledgeable way.
In order to do this successfully the Care Worker must be aware of the needs and requirements of the customer and must communicate successfully not only with the customer but also with other stakeholders such as family, friends and other healthcare professionals. The care worker also has a responsibility to alert the supervisor of any changes or causes for concern in the customer's condition.
There will be specific tasks identified for a particular customer. These may include cooking and/or preparing meals and possibly assistance with feeding. Housekeeping and laundry as well as personal care may also be part of the role.
The Care Worker will be briefed before undertaking any assignment with the specific tasks involved but in every case it is incumbent upon the care worker to carry out the work in a safe and professional way and to adhere to the specific instructions as well as the policies and procedures of the company.

Care Workers are frequently the only people that a customer may see on a daily basis and clearly there is a responsibility to report any relevant information back to the supervisor. It is not the role of the care worker to become involved in notifying family, friends or relatives of changes. This will be carried out by the Technical Director, based on the advice received from the care worker. The care worker does not have responsibility for staff. It should be clearly understood that the role requires a great deal, sometimes both in physical and emotional ways, and also carries a weight of responsibility.
Anyone who does not genuinely care about the welfare of other people will not be suitable for this job.
The permanent equipment provided by We Care, Teach, Train such as identity badge and any other equipment required to carry out the role, are the responsibility of the care worker as is making sure that consumables such as disposable gloves and aprons are available and not in short supply.
Whilst the supply and upkeep of any equipment such as wheelchairs and hoists are not the responsibility of We Care, Teach, Train or its employees, it is expected that causes for concern with any of such items would be passed by the care worker to the supervisor.


  • Genuine care for others
  • Good communication skills
  • Ability to understand what the role entails
  • Ability to follow instructions


  • Experience in care provision
  • Own transport
  • Flexible availability

Key Competencies

  • To be able to attend all customer calls
  • To understand the importance of such calls
  • To be able to cope with emergency and difficult situations
  • To be able to communicate with other people
  • To be able to maintain high standards of care provision

A thorough training programme is applicable to every member of the We Care, Teach, Train team. This constitutes both initial and ongoing training and is a requirement of all staff. Every member of staff will be required to apply for, and achieve, a satisfactory Criminal Records Bureau check as well as provide personal and professional references.


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